Bob Ferguson to be State's Attorney General

Wed, Nov 7, 2012

Bob Ferguson will become the state's 18th attorney general.

The Associated Press declared Democrat Ferguson the winner after additional votes were counted Wednesday and Ferguson maintained his nearly 6 percentage point lead over Republican Reagan Dunn, a fellow Metropolitan King County Council member.

It would take a dramatic reversal of the tally so far for Dunn to pull out a victory.

Trailing by 114,000 votes statewide, Dunn would need to capture 55.7 percent of the 1 million estimated remaining ballots, a Seattle Times analysis found. He was getting 47.2 percent.

If the vote split in King County stays the same, Dunn would need 67 percent of the estimated remaining votes outside King County to pull even. He was getting 52 percent outside King County on Tuesday.

Dunn wasn't ready to concede Wednesday night, saying he needed to look at turnout statistics in more detail.

Ferguson said he was confident he would win. "But I'm not in a rush to declare anything," he said Wednesday night. "We're having a nice family dinner."

Ferguson and Dunn sit side by side in council chambers and have said they like and respect one another. Ferguson said that remains true despite the bruising campaign.

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